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Song of the Day: Lonely by Spirit is the Spirit

The last song from the four-track EP Baktun Baby, Spirit is the Spirit offers up an enchanting medley of dreamy indie-rock throughout this whole album. 

Song of the Day: Does Anybody See You Out? - Cowboy Indian Bear

First a single from a short teaser EP, and later a remarkable hit off of a recent LP, Does Anybody See You Out? by Lawrence quartet pulls together strands of chill wave indie with hazy vocal harmonies and brutal lyrics.

"There is a goal to get our music to as many people as possible and that takes a lot of hard work," says guitarist and lead vocalist Judson Valdez. He and his bandmates’ quick evolution owes a great deal to their desire to aim beyond weekend shows at provincial venue mainstays.

Video of the Day: The Noise FM - Road Warrior

Just because the Fourth of July is over doesn’t mean the party has to stop. The Noise FM let the good times roll in their new video for the latest single Road Warrior. If you have seen The Noise FM you know what kind of party they are able to bring and this video totally captures that. 

Valdez is the songwriter-in-chief at the moment, and said he likes playing around with a vocal loop machine to experiment with harmonies and to tinker with layers. Inner Room is rife with songs that have a sonic backbone, with harmonies and verses growing outward.
- Read the Denton Record Chronicle feature article on Chambers. 
Chamber’s Inner Room tosses airy-summer themes aside for more emotionally rooted material, trading carefree vibes for substance. What stands out the most on this record are those carefully congruent harmonies serving as the backdrop against guitarist Judson Valdez’s intricate guitar finger picking.
- The Dallas Observer named Chambers - Inner Room as #11 best record from North Texas so far this year!